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Friday, January 31, 2020

Care Partners Pt. 4: Resources

This month's blogs have been about care partnering. We've made a point of saying that this is a daunting job and you will likely need help before it is done. And so how do you go about getting that. Well, last week's blog made some general suggestions but this week is more specific by highlighting just a a few of the many resources noted in our books. For a longer list, check out our books.

National Association of Area Agencies on Aging: Because this group has local offices in most communities and therefore can provide you with lists of local resources, it is at the top of this list and the one you should check out even if you don't check out any of the others. your list of resources. 202.872.8888 or email This is the most thorough website focuses specifically on Lewy body dementia on the internet. You can find information about LBD, support groups and a medical glossary here as well as a myriad of other things.

Family Caregiver Alliance:  This is Jim's favorite, after the and our own, of course. It is one of the best caregiver sources on the internet. Find databases for a multitude of local resources by state. 800.445.8106.

Assist Guide Information Services.  Excellent site with checklists, databases and information on the disease, drugs, home care and safety, legal and financial issues, care placement and other caregiver support.

AARP Health Tools. Especially helpful with medications, these tools not only include drug symptoms and interaction checkers and other drug related tools, but other information as well such as cost caculators and Medicare information. for Caregivers Resources. Directory to state and federal websites and agencies offering services to caregivers. One listed website is, useful for researching government help. 844.USA.GOV1.

Hilarity for Charity. An organization that raises money for grants for dementia caregiver assistance. Use their online email contact form to apply for a grant for financial help for in-home caregiver costs.

Rebuilding Together. Home caregiving often requires remodeling bathrooms. This nonprofit may be able to help you with low or no cost home modifications. 120 local USA offices. 800.473.4229

The National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, Inc. (NAELA) Click on “Find a Lawyer” for elder care lawyers by city/state, zip or name. Care partners highly recommend that you use an elder lawyer to prepare your legal papers. You should be able to use this site to find one in your area.

Guide to Long Term Care for Veterans. Information about home, community based and residential long term care options. If your loved one is a veteran, don't miss out on benefits by neglecting to contact the VA.

National Long-Term Ombudsman Resource Center.This organization not helps you find an appropriate local long term care facility. Then it provides advocacy if you have a dispute with them.

As promised, this is only a short list of the resources available to care partners. You can find more in our books.

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