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Friday, April 17, 2020

Easter Sunday

Last Sunday was Easter. It was a different experience for us. We went to church online. We heard familiar voices saying needed words of encouragement and sang along with familiar songs to lift our spirits. We missed the greeting and meeting that goes with church in our minds, but we appreciated the chance to commune with the more than one hundred people who participated online with us. We hope you had similar experiences on this special day.

That service reminds us of how we all must learn new skills and new ways of connecting. We, as humans, need to connect with others and that is more difficult right now. But we can make phone calls and send emails. We can learn to use Zoom for gathering in a group. I'm sure there are other ways too that this once computer savvy but now way behind the times senior doesn't know. Give them all a try and use what works!

LBD care partners have an extra challenge in that their loved one may not understand what is happening. LBD tends to make groups confusing and so your loved one may actually appreciate social distancing and quarantine. Take this as a gift; one less thing to be concerned about!

Another gift for me is the appreciation I have for those I do connect with. I don't take this so casually anymore. Feeling grateful is very healthy and I've had a chance to feel grateful a lot lately. Sad, too, I admit, and concerned for our country as a whole and for individuals who are dealing with much more difficult situations than we are.

By the way, we welcome you to comment. If you add your phone number I will call you, so that you can ask questions, share experiences or just connect with another human. Since I review all comments first before posting them, your number will stay private and your comment will only be posted if you want it to be. Also,  we do not post any message that includes another website link.

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