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Friday, May 22, 2020

Personify the Disease

This week's 15 minute video by Pat Snyder, author of Treasures in the Darkness and LBD teacher, talks about making the disease the third person in the room. "It's Lewy, not my loved one." Or to a loved one: "Lewy is messing with your ability to talk." Blaming the disease makes it easier to deal with difficult behavior. It also decreases your loved one's frustration.

But she also talks a lot about some other very important things, including improv acting , being legally prepared and the value of sleep. I hope that eventually she'll do a video about each of these subjects because they are also very important.

Click on the title to watch the video:  Personifying the Disease.

Next week, Pat talks about Showtime, a common LBD symptom that often goes unrecognized even by the medical community.

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