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Friday, May 29, 2020

Showtime and LBD

This week's video by Pat Snyder, author of Treasures in the Darkness and LBD teacher, is short, less than 5 minutes. But it speaks to a very important issue. Showtime, where a person living with LBD appears more normal for a period of time, is a symptom that can make diagnosis and treatment difficult. It can cause family members to doubt your stories about difficult behavior. Pat makes some very good suggestions for dealing with this symptom.

I'd like to add that your loved one has no control over when Showtime comes and goes. It just happens. We as humans all have urges to please people we respect, such as doctors and visiting family members.  You and I can choose to act on those urges or not. Our loved ones can't. They have the urge and they act. Even though the behavior is subconscious, appearing "normal" is hard, exhausting work. Once it ends, your loved one will probably sleep for hours.

Pat recommends in her video that you go back and view her previous video on the Five Moving Parts (date) for more information about how Showtime comes about. I'd also recommend our books, especially Responsive Dementia Care, which focuses on behavioral issues. Both are great for sharing with others as well.

To watch this week's video, click on the title: Lewy Body Dementia and "Showtime"

Next week, Pat will speak about choosing a doctor and getting a diagnosis.

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Helen and James Whitworth are not doctors, lawyers or social workers. As informed caregivers, they share the information here for educational purposes only. It should never be used instead of a professional's advice.

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