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Saturday, June 9, 2012

On the Road for LBD

We are getting ready to leave our (VERY) sunny state of Arizona and head north to Washington. On July 25th, we have the honor of sharing the stage at an event in Seattle with Dr. James Leverenz, the Chair of the LBDA’s Scientific Advisory Board and a leader in the dementia field. If you are also in the area, do show up and let us know you read our blog! (Details) This summer we will also be in California, Oregon and other parts of Washington if you know of any group that would like to have us speak.

We’ve started reading as we travel—Jim drives; I read out loud. So far we’ve read Treasures in the Darkness by Pat Snyder, Going Mad by Carol Pendergrass and are in the middle of Thirteen Years and Thirteen Dumpsters by Joy Walker. All are good reading and all have value for the LBD caregiver. Treasures has some great suggestions for preparing for that long journey—like house renovations so that you can keep your loved one home longer and reducing stress. Going Mad reminds us that getting the legal work done early on is a necessity—if you don’t, someone one else may! And Thirteen Dumpsters, which tells the story from an adult child’s view, encouraged me to view my own clutter with a more discerning eye—what can I do to make the inevitable clean up job, both physical and emotional, easier for my children?

Another book just out is Relentless Goodbye, by LBDA blogger Ginny Burkholder, is the story of her journey with her husband, Nelson. We met the Burkholders in 2005—a lovely, interesting couple. I’m sure Ginny’s book will be every bit as interesting. We don’t have Ginny's book in our LBD Book Corner yet, but you can still buy it through our website by clicking on the Amazon search box at the top of the page.

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