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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Win a Caregiver Cruise!

Some deserving caregiver will win a 5 day cruise in the Bahamas for two. This has been checked out and is legitimate. You can nominate yourself or someone else, as long as the person is a caregiver of anyone 65 or older. This contest is sponsored by every year by Home Instead, a very reputable, caregiver focused company. We know them because they bought dozens of our books for LBD support group members in Ohio and a training packet for a trainer in that area as well.

Caregivers all have stories. You are all stressed and overworked. Take the time to tell your story to Home Instead and maybe you or your special caregiver will be the lucky winner! Apply today! The winner is acclaimed by public vote and the voting has already started. In fact, even if you don’t enter, start reading the entries and vote for who you want to win. (One vote per day, per person.) And if you do win, be sure to vote for your entry every day and tell all your relatives and friends to vote too. Feel free to share your story as a comment here and you may get some of our blog readers to vote for you too! Good luck!

Contest link:  Go to this site and apply today!

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