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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Managing Cognitive Issues in Parkinson's and Other Lewy Body Disorders

We are excited to announce the publication of our new book, Managing Cognitive Issues in Parkinson’s and Other Lewy Body Disorders. Third in a series about Lewy body disorders, and is written in our usual easy to read style, packed with facts, personal experiences and 13 pages of resources, it is directed especially towards people dealing with Parkinson’s and other early Lewy body disorders.

Many PD families are understandably frightened of the idea that PD and LBD share a history and that Parkinson’s dementia is a form of LBD. Managing Cognitive Issues answers that fear with the power of knowledge and the strength of hope. It describes the symptoms that warn of impending LBD tells how to use therapeutic alternatives to drugs to extend awareness and maintain a better quality of life. With degenerative disorders, like PD and LBD, it is easy to feel as though the disease has taken over and life is spiraling out of control. Managing Cognitive Issues offers tools for regaining control, such as living a healthy lifestyle, having a positive outlook, using better communication and practicing stress management.

Even though Parkinson’s is one of the major predictors of eventual dementia, its cognitive issues have been overlooked by the medical community until recently. This is changing as neurologists and researchers recognize that these issues as every bit as important as mobility and often more distressing.

In the book’s forward, Dr. James Leverenz, a well-known movement disorders and dementia specialist, states, “As a physician that works in this field, I am often frustrated by comments that ‘there is nothing that you can do.’ That couldn’t be further from the truth, and the Whitworth’s give you the tools to help manage the disease and its effects on the person suffering with it and those around that person.”

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