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Friday, November 24, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving

Yesterday was Thanksgiving. We spent the day with family and friends and we hope you did too.

We hope your holiday was happy.

  • That you had a few family or friends with you, but only a few so that your loved one could enjoy the time too. 
  • That you had a convivial holiday meal that included everyone's favorites--even if they were a bit odd! 
  • That you made a point of listing the many things you had to be grateful for. 
  • That you let go of the need to be the perfect caregiver and allowed yourself time and space to enjoy the day--even if that meant hiding off somewhere and reading a trashy novel for an hour.
  • That you took time to reminisce, to tell stories of past adventures and joys and to encourage your loved one to share their stories. 
  • That you got to share lots of hugs, and affectionate words and other expressions love and care.

And if you didn't have this, we hope you will make an effort to do so soon. It doesn't have to happen on any certain day, you know. You can make your own Thanksgiving Day on any day of the year.

Next week, the blog will be the blog I actually promised you this week: I Want to Go Home, Part 2.

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