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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Local Author Book Fair in Mesa AZ

For all of our readers in the Mesa area, we will be displaying and selling our books at the Red Mountain Library's Local Author Book Fair:
  • Date and Time: Saturday, February 23rd, from 12:30 to 5pm.
  • Location: Red Mountain Library, 635 N. Power Road, Mesa, AZ
Do come out and visit with us! We'll have all of our prize-winning books about Lewy body dementia (LBD) and Helen's novels as well, 8 different books in all.
If you'd like to have us come speak to your organization or group, here's your chance to ask! 
Jim and Helen can talk about:
  • LBD,  how it is connected to Parkinson's and how it is different from Alzheimer's.
  • non-drug methods of dealing with dementia-related behaviors and why that's important.
Helen can talk about:
  • the various ways of publishing your book and the advantages and disadvantages of each
  • using family legends, genealogy, local or national history and imagination to write interesting, fact-based novels.
Books by Helen and Jim Whitworth:
Books by Helen Buell Whitworth:
  • On the Road with the Whitworths
  • Besty
  • The Northwest McCutchens: Generation One
  • The Northwest McCutchens: The Exodus

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