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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Finding Good Books about Lewy Body Dementia

Amazon sells many books about dementia and caregiving. But which ones are the best for the LBD caregiver? Our new website store, the LBD Book Corner, showcases just such books. Naturally, it starts out with our own Caregiver’s Guide to Lewy Body Dementia. Although this is still the only layman’s resource book specific to this disorder, there some great personal stories about living with LBD available now and you can find them in our store. We’ve also added some excellent books about caregiving in general and some about communicating with people who have dementia and dealing with acting out. All of the books in our store have at least four star reviews—usually five. Once you click on a book and go to Amazon, do check out its reviews. They tell you a lot about what the book is like.

When you go to Amazon via the LBD Book Corner and buy anything, they pay us a small commission. In this easy way, you can help us spread awareness about Lewy body dementia. Every cent goes into our working fund. Right now we are updating our “do-it-yourself” LBD training program for facilities, working on a video, maintaining this blog, writing a new book and planning our summer tour. Pretty good for a couple of “old retired folks,” huh?

And so, let’s help each other out. We’ll help you find the best LBD books and you help us spread the word. Just remember to go to via our website. It’s amazing what they sell, by the way-- books, appliances, clothes and on and on. And tell your family, neighbors and friends too. Thanks for the help! 

Find the LBD Book Corner at LBD Just click on the Store tab at the top or bottom of the page--or follow any of the above links directly to the store.

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