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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Can You Tell Your Story --Briefly?

Here's a challenge for you!  Can you tell GE Healthcare how dementia (or any other neurological disorder) has touched your family in only 140 characters? They want stories “to inform their campaign from the grassroots.” Go to and give it a try.  Let your story be heard. We did.

Jim wrote:  My wife had Lewy body dementia, was diagnosed with AD, and got acting-out drugs that made her life worse. Now I teach LBD awareness.
 (133 characters. Spaces and punctuation marks count!)

Helen wrote:  My sister had Parkinson’s but no dementia, had surgery, and began having scary delusions—a forerunner of Lewy body dementia.
(124 characters)

What’s your story?  Go submit it and then, come back and share it here.

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Tools for teaching and learning about Lewy Body Dementia

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