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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Caregiver’s Guide for Only $3.99—And Writing Reviews

It’s true. Amazon is selling the Kindle version of A Caregiver’s Guide to Lewy Body Dementia for only $3.99. Amazon plays with their prices a lot. Although until now, the Kindle version has remained at $9.99, the paperback version has gone from a high of $13.98 to a low of $13.23, but so far, the price has always returned eventually to its norm of $13.57. And so, I don’t know how long this especially low Kindle price will last—maybe a day or a week, or maybe it is even the new base amount. Buy one for yourself or buy some as gifts for family and friends. Also, if your loved one is in a residential facility or if you have a home health aide, this is a great but inexpensive way to share information about LBD.

We’ve added the Kindle version of our book to our LBD BookCorner Store to make it easy for you to buy. Just click here. While you are there, take the time to check out the other LBD related books that we’ve gathered together for you. If there’s a book you’ve been wanting to buy but haven’t yet, check the price again. Remember, Amazon plays with their prices and you just might find a bargain!

And while I’m talking about books, do you write reviews for the ones you read? Please do. You don’t even have to have bought the book on Amazon, although they do show if you did or not. As a buyer, not only of books but of other items as well, I’ve come to depend on consumer reviews and read them carefully before I make a purchase.

They really do help a person chose the right book and all it takes is a little thought and time. Think about what you liked/disliked over all and then add some specifics—I especially liked/disliked the way the author talked about….”.  If you are still unsure what to write, read some other reviews to get an idea of what people write.

As authors, we value every review. What we learn about your likes and dislikes has an effect on everything we write. Thank you to everyone who reviewed our book, and to those who reviewed other books as well. When choosing books for the LBD Book Corner, we always take your reviews into consideration..

And finally, if you know of a book or activity you like and we don't show it, do let me know! Happy reading and gifting.

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