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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Comments Please!

This week, I’m using our blog to make a request. We’d really like to hear from our readers. We’ve been doing this blog for a year now. I write, but Jim does his usual suggestions/quality control bit and so it’s his too. 

Since we started posting weekly in March, our readership has grown to over 500 views last month. Thanks to everyone who has checked us out and especially to those who return again and again. But we still aren’t getting many comments and that’s what makes a blog like this so much better.

Do you agree with our thoughts – or not? Do you have a story to add? Is there something you’d like us to write about? To avoid spam, the blog is set up so that I review each comment before it is published. Unless the comment is really out of order, I will of course, publish what you write. We want a give and take here. However, because I do review first, you can make a private comment. Just let me know it is private and I’ll respond without publishing anything.

And while I’m at it, have you checked out our LBD Book Corner? If you have, did you find any books you liked? Do you like being able to find so many LBD-related books in one place? Do you know of any books that aren’t there but should be? Did you check out the Activities page? Is there anything else you’d like to see us add? Again, we would really appreciate your feedback.


  1. Hi :)

    So here's my take.
    I think that a lot of the time, those that are reading or looking for information are mostly those living with Lewy Body. In my case I'm looking for ways to cope or ways to help Hubby cope. Ideas that I can use now or file away for the time when I may need it.

    Lewy is such a big elephant to eat it has to be taken in small bites, much of the time the information I read needs to be absorbed by me so I don't always comment.

    Perhaps that is the way with others. We just need to absorb the information at our own pace and apply in our time.

    Just having the information available makes a world of difference to people even if they don't comment.

    Keep on blogging :)

    1. Thanks, Kathy. It really does help to hear from our readers.