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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Lewy Body Phrase for 10-19: Non-Drug Options

Non-drug options should be tried first before behavior management drugs. They:
  • Are generally safer than behavior management drugs and often equally efficient.
  • Often take more care partner time and effort to use than popping a pill.
  • Can provide opportunities for care partner and loved one togetherness.
  • Can be used alone or in combination with behavior management drugs, which often results in the need for fewer drugs.
Non-drug options includes the following and much, much more:
  • care partner care
  • occupational therapy
  • infection control
  • relaxation methods
  • music and rhythm therapy
  • aromatherapy and massage
Tomorrow: Rehabilitation therapies
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    Helen and James Whitworth are not doctors, lawyers or social workers. As informed caregivers, they share the information here for educational purposes only. It should never be used instead of a professional's advice.

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