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Friday, October 27, 2017

Lewy Body Phrase for 10-27: Healthy Living Practices

Healthy living practices decrease behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia (BPSD) by providing the brain more reserves for dealing with them:
  • Exercise: "Better dementia therapy than any drug." Lack: muscle pain, depression, slower thinking and confusion.
  • Socialization stimulates mental function and improves self-worth. Lack: isolation, depression, confusion, and more.
  • Fluids hydrate the body, transport nutrients, prevent constipation and regulate temperature. Lack: BPSD, confusion muscle cramps and more.
  • Sleep is when the body restores and strengthens its resources. Lack: BPSD, confusion, pain sensitivity, weakened immune system.
  • Proper diet and nutrition support a healthy body in general which frees up resources for dealing with dementia symptoms. Lack: malnutrition, overweight, susceptibility to illnesses, more dementia symptoms.
For more information about Lewy body disorders, read our books:

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 Helen and James Whitworth are not doctors, lawyers or social workers. As informed caregivers, they share the information here for educational purposes only. It should never be used instead of a professional's advice.

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