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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Lewy Body Word for 10-21: Hallucinations

Hallucinations: seeing, hearing or feeling something that isn't really there.

With LBD: Well formed visual hallucinations often appear before thinking abilities fade.
With Parkinson's: Similar hallucinations appear well after motor symptoms but while thinking is still intact.
  • At first, the person believes the care partner's explanation that the hallucinations are simple Lewy playing tricks again. Earl said, "I know the little army men aren't real but they are fascinating."
  • As abstract thinking fades, Earl will begin to believe his little men are real. As with delusions, this belief cannot be changed.
With other dementias: Hallucinations can occur, usually after thinking abilities fade.

Delusions: Once thinking fades, hallucinations are often combined with delusions into elaborate dramas that the person truly believes.

Best reaction: Empathetic communication (tomorrow's blog)

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