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Friday, October 20, 2017

Lewy Body Word for 10-20: Delusions

Delusions: Dramas brought about by faulty thinking often combined with residual emotions. Delusions show up early with LBD because thinking fades earlier too.

Dave see his wife on the phone:
  • This triggers his residual fear of abandonment. 
  • To make sense of this fear, his dementia-damaged-brain offers the delusion that that she is talking to her lover. 
  • Now, also angry, he accuses her.
  • When she tries to explain, he becomes even angrier.
Considering the validity of a thought requires abstract thinking. Without it, the delusion becomes Dave's truth. Consider how you would feel if someone tried to tell you that something was not the way you knew at the very core of your being that it was. This is how strong delusions are. Explaining, defending or arguing DO NOT work.

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